sunleech (sunleech) wrote,

End of an era

      Katrina and Naten shared a look. This was an impossible choice. Katrina knew that everyone would eventually die, but she had grown fond of Naten. He was her constant companion. Her literal angel on her shoulder, though often he easily filled the role of devil as well. She wasn’t sure she was ready to let go of the man. She studied the man, trying at once to remember all their interactions, his gruff mannerism, and the awkward moments when he had tried to be supportive. Either way, he would be gone to her. Katrina tried to consider a world in which she was chosen. She could never speak to Naten again, or Iza, or her grandparents. It was selfish, but Katrina knew, but she didn’t want that. She considered Naten, who seemed to be wrestling with a similar internal conflict. He had already accepted the fate of death when he had saved her at Kirra’s behest. His wings were still, despite his obvious distress.

      Katrina wanted time, time to talk to Naten, time to spend absorbing every conflicting detail of the man. She wanted to sit and hear his story from start to finish, rather than trying to piece it together with vague fragments and second hand tales. She wanted to know the details, everything that had led to this; how Naten had started as a self-proclaimed villain and ended as her guardian angel. At that moment Katrina knew what the right choice was.

      Naten was silent for a while before speaking softly, mostly to himself.

      “Was this the reason for Kirra’s wish? Is this the event I am destined to help with?”

      No one, not even the observer answered him.

      Katrina reached out shyly and grabbed Naten’s hand. She looked up at her guardian angel and smiled.

      “Naten, I chose Naten.” She squeezed his hand, which was now trembling.

      Before the observer could ask what Naten’s choice was he spoke.
      “Me, I’ll do it,” his voice was soft and trembling.

      A choice from two creates balance.

      Katrina didn’t know what she was expecting, maybe a flash of magical lights, deafening sounds, something terrible and fantastic all at once. She closed her eyes and held on tight to Naten’s hand, waiting for something to happen.
But nothing happened. Nothing magical and fantastic anyway. One second she was in the mock hall surrounded by the council, holding on tightly to Naten’s hand, and the next second she was alone.

      The room was empty and silent. No sign of the Council other than the shards of the broken mirror. Naten was gone, and Katrina looked around hoping to see at least a lingering feather, or any sign of her lost angel. But there was none. Katrina wanted to cry, despite having made this choice and knowing the consequences. She slumped to the floor, unsure what to do next, not knowing what to do without her constant companion’s guidance and sarcastic remarks.

    Eventually she remembered Iza and Kylic outside of the hall, and figured she should met up with them before Iza became concerned and tried to climb down on a broken leg.

      When she emerged from the hall she found Iza and Kylic sharing a bottle of water, both slumped against a slab of rock.

      “Hey,” she said weakly. She was unsure what else to say. She caught sight of Tamic still lying lifeless a few feet away. “Is…is he still alive?”

     “Barely,” Kylic replied, offering her the water bottle, which she took, but just fiddled with awkwardly not actually drinking from it.

      “Naten did a real number on him,” Iza added. “Where is the bag of feathers anyway?” she asked. Katrina looked to Kylic, who at least knew part of the situation, looking for some way to explain what had happened.

      “You guys chose then,” he said quietly.

      Katrina nodded, before bursting into tears.
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